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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Author

The brain is a wonderful organ. It starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office. -Robert Frost

I would like to introduce myself before writing anything in this blog. I quite believe that most of blog readers or web users, wants to know who the author is. so that they could be decisive whether or not  they should believe what is written in the blog. That's because 50% of what is found on webs are crap. Well anyway here goes:

I'm Patrick Lacsamana, 22 years old. I'm one proud Pinoy who lives in Angeles City, Philippines. I recently graduated in college and I was lucky to be hired in a small insurance company. Yes its just small. But do not underestimate this because It took me months to find a job and that what makes me happy because I finally found one. Unlike my friends who got hired in call centers. I don't wanna be an call center agent. I can get better than that. Well say whatever because this insurance company has taught me well. You'll be expecting that what is written here will be things that I learn from my job as an insurance agent. 

Aside from my job, I'm an active member of the APO fraternity and Demolay. And I'm planning to be a Freemason someday.  If you wanna know if I'm a family man, well I am. I have a wife to feed but no children yet. She's still studying but we decided to get married early. Oh yes, It's just me and her together but having her is like having a one whole family to feed. :p I'm quite sure you well exactly know how women are. They shop, they eat they want this and that, and yes she's asking me to bring her to Europe. Where the hell does she think where I'm gonna get the money?   but I do not regret marrying her. She's hardworking law student who might buy me a sport's car someday. (Just kidding!) Well anyway enough of myself. What about you? I'd like to know something about every reader of this blog. Pleas feel free to leave a comment. ask me questions and also tell me about yourself.



  1. Thank You Sharath for the comment and following, At least you can't hear me pronouncing your name. I'm not sure if I said it right! pls visit my blog everyday..=)