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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Funny Insurance Claims

  • A pedestrian hit me and went under my car.
  • The telephone pole was approaching and I was attempting to swerve out of its way when it struck the front end of my car.
  • The guy was all over the road, I had to swerve several times before I hit him.
  • Coming home I drove into the wrong house and collided with a tree I haven’t got.
  • An invisible car came out of nowhere, struck my car and vanished.[SOURCE]
Reading this made me laugh. But to be honest with you, I have never heard or experienced something like this in my office. But I'm looking forward to hear one.. :p I'm an agent. I do not deal with these claims. But I'm pretty sure that someone in the office will tell me a story about funny claims. Its a small company remember. I love the way these funny claimstell their side of the story, and make it look like it was the tree's fault or the pedestrian's fault being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Funny but True.. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

What you need to know about Life Insurance

Life Insurance policy has become utmost crucial these days as it assists in financially ensuring the lives of the dependants after the death of the only earner. The life insurance policies have become real important as earning replacement and therefore necessary for people to invest in the insurance policies thereby securing the future of their dear ones. Individuals buy the insurance policy from companies that offer financial stability and protection to the family of the policy possessor, after his death. The kind of policy that you will go for depends completely on your requirements though there are thousands of companies that offer the insurance policy.
Still not covered? Don't blame me for not convincing you enough to buy life insurance policy, after you die or your husband died.  To be honest, I GET TIRED CHASING PEOPLE TO BUY INSURANCE POLICIES. read on..

Depending on your financial planning and your fiscal demands, there are four types of policies that you can opt for- the term life insurance policy, whole life insurance, the universal life insurance and the variable life insurance policy. Which one you will go for is exclusively your decision depending on how much of financial cover you would like to provide your adored ones after your dying. The other types of policies that you come across are the endowment policies and the variable universal life insurance policy.
There will be a monthly insurance premium that you have to pay which will count on age, the amount assured and the aesculapian history regardless of the insurance policy you determine to go for. It is real tough for those with critical health problems to purchase a policy to insure them as they are technically termed as ‘impaired risk’ and it is really very tough for them to get a insurance policy. The tenure along with the sum that is insured or the face amount determines the real value of the life insurance policy.
The application process is a thorough process on pen and paper where presenting all the required documents supporting the application process is absolutely essential. Depending on the amount you are insuring, the companies’ paramedical officers may collect samples of urine and blood along with going through a detailed aesculapian test. Any info rendered by you is verified by the company as their questions cover anything and everything and you need to provide aesculapian history of the family as well as a part of the total procedure.
There are many companies that provide good deals and if you search over the internet and you always pick out the one that suits you the best as you have the chance to compare the prices offered by them and then purchase the best life insurance policy meeting your needs. The agent should clear out the judicial terms of the insurance policy to you as the policy is a legal document and then you should sign and continue.

Still not convince to get covered? Fine Fine! Go away! Make sure to Live healthy and eat shrubs for the rest of your lives.. :p

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Are you covered?

Hello Readers, sorry I wasn't able to make new post yesterday because I was so0o0o0o busy at work. Do I even have readers? Course I do! I'm proud to say that I have over 300 plus visitors.  Not much for you, but enough for a newbie :p Well anyway, During my break yesterday, I was thinking of what to write for this blog. I don't wanna tell you a story about my wife anymore. I want something new.Blogging about her might cause me MORE FUTURE EXPENSES!   Then I started to read about funny stuff found on the web. I read stories about funny insurance companies excuses to deny claim and funny insurance excuses to get claims.

I know that People's perception about Insurance companies is that it is a MONEY-RAKING-BUSINESS which will do anything to bar you from claiming. On the other hand, Insurance companies always think that clients are MONEY_LOVING-FOOLS  who will do anything to get claims. I guess that places them in the same footing. But this is a sad reality that I do not like because Clients who are covered deserve to get claims whenever they are encountering the problems or risks that insurance companies have promised to answer for. BUT, Insurance companies also have the right to grant claims only to the clients who unintentionally is suffering from risks.

I think I heard Joker from the Dark Knight movie whispering to me WHY SO SERIOUS!? 
Because I am suppose to be serious when talking about Insurance. shoo go away loser!

[Continuation] Nevertheless It is still important to be covered by an insurance despite all the horror stories you've heard about insurance companies denying claims. If you've notice I've been encouraging readers of this blog to be insured. We must open our eyes to the realities of life that there are things we never thought of happening, but it might happen to us. Of course, we don't expect bad things to happen to us, but life is unexpected. Insurance cannot make the future more predictable, but it can at least be there when you and your loved ones need it most. So are covered?

Ask me questions. Tell me story about your encounters with life and how insurance save your neck or how insurance cutted the wounds deeper. Leave your comments.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Insurance Sales Agents

A woman was in the hospital after feeling very ill. The doctor says to her, "I have some bad news for you. You only have three months to live."

"Oh that´s terrible," the woman sighs, "what am I going do?"

The doctor replies, "Marry an insurance agent."

"Will I live longer?" asks the woman. "

"No," replies the doctor, "but it will SEEM longer."
 -This is a joke I got on line about insurance Agents. 

Last night, I told my wife to read the blog I've made and ask her what she thinks. She laugh at me and said, Baby, why did you took my request to bring me to Europe seriously? I sighed with relief. But then She said, So how much have you  saved? I've changed my mind. I want a Caribbean cruise for our Wedding Anniversary. I replied "We'll try" Then jumped on me gave me a hug and said that she's really happy she married me. Oooohhh God, this woman is unbelievable! And then she talked about the cruise the whole night until I fell asleep and dreamt of myself trying to cut expenses so I could give what she wants. I'm itching for her to become a lawyer. So she could instead buy me those tours she's asking for. I hope she forgets about it Tomorrow.

When we were having breakfast this morning, she told me a story about her friend whose  flight to Australia was canceled. They didn't have any Travel insurance which ruind their trip because they had to spend more. Then she told me we should get a Travel Insurance when we go cruisin' ""Oh yes, she hasn't forget about it"
Now I have to work harder and try to avoid clients from fleeing from me.

Speaking of Travel Insurance, Do you have one? I believe that there are so many people traveling around the world. Travel Industry has grown for years, Even those who do not have much money can travel. That's why traveling everywhere entices people just like my wife.

 Basically a travel insurance varies depending also on the type of travel like (i.e. business travel, cruise travel, leisure travel) most common risks covered are medical, emergency evacuation, repatriation of remains, lost luggage, canceled flights etc. I think that all travelers must be equipped with this. No one wants a Traveling to turn into a bad trip right!? Avoid risks. Be insured

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Importance of Insurance

Well... It is important of course! That's exactly the reason I don't understand with people fleeing like their about to pee on their pants when I started discussing them the policies of insurance. Sheesh! Imagine how much risks you will be save from when you are insured. That's why it's called IN-SU-RANCE! Insurance companies technically insures that you do not suffer risks or losses. But first you must religiously pay your premiums. Premiums will not cost you that much compared to the actual expenses you will incur without it. why not be insured?

Here are kinds of insurance that you can avail of:
Life Insurance
insures the life of the insured.This does not mean the insurance company will insure that you will be alive FOREVER! This means that your wife and children will be very very happy when you die. In my case, my wife can finally afford a trip to Europe.

Medical Insurance
Here the insurance company pays the amount to the insured for his health purpose. In case you get sick, You don't have to worry about the medical expenses,  depending on your policy.   In my case, the money I've been saving for my wife's trip to europe will be untouched. Therefore She'll no longer wish me dead.

Disability insurance
-a financial support on monthly basis is provided by the insurer to the policy holder if he is unable to work due to an injury or an illness.This a a type of simple disability insurance. But in the case of permanent disability insurance the injured person will be reimbursed by the insurance company. You guess right! I'll be able to survive even without my wife who is shopping for Louise Vitton because I have money while I'm peacefully sited at home, trying to relax watching movies, no longer chasing people who suddenly had the urge to pee at my sight.

Did you see the importance of Insurance?? ---IT'S ABOUT MAKING YOUR WIFE HAPPY! AND MAKING PEOPLE PEE.

_How about you? What do you think is the importance of Life insurance in your life? Please leave your comments

The Author

The brain is a wonderful organ. It starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office. -Robert Frost

I would like to introduce myself before writing anything in this blog. I quite believe that most of blog readers or web users, wants to know who the author is. so that they could be decisive whether or not  they should believe what is written in the blog. That's because 50% of what is found on webs are crap. Well anyway here goes:

I'm Patrick Lacsamana, 22 years old. I'm one proud Pinoy who lives in Angeles City, Philippines. I recently graduated in college and I was lucky to be hired in a small insurance company. Yes its just small. But do not underestimate this because It took me months to find a job and that what makes me happy because I finally found one. Unlike my friends who got hired in call centers. I don't wanna be an call center agent. I can get better than that. Well say whatever because this insurance company has taught me well. You'll be expecting that what is written here will be things that I learn from my job as an insurance agent. 

Aside from my job, I'm an active member of the APO fraternity and Demolay. And I'm planning to be a Freemason someday.  If you wanna know if I'm a family man, well I am. I have a wife to feed but no children yet. She's still studying but we decided to get married early. Oh yes, It's just me and her together but having her is like having a one whole family to feed. :p I'm quite sure you well exactly know how women are. They shop, they eat they want this and that, and yes she's asking me to bring her to Europe. Where the hell does she think where I'm gonna get the money?   but I do not regret marrying her. She's hardworking law student who might buy me a sport's car someday. (Just kidding!) Well anyway enough of myself. What about you? I'd like to know something about every reader of this blog. Pleas feel free to leave a comment. ask me questions and also tell me about yourself.